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At Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa, our Orlando chiropractors, Dr. Bret MacDermott and Dr. James Dishman provide holistic wellness care throughout the greater Orlando area. Explore the services we offer at Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa and how they can help you recover from injuries and live in wellness.

Services Our Chiropractic Clinic Offers

Our Celebration and Orlando chiropractic clinic offers a variety of complementary services. Many of our patients come to us for chiropractic treatment of chronic ailments or injuries. If you were hurt playing sports or on the job, or were recently in an auto accident, you may need chiropractic treatment for spine pain.

To support the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments and promote healing in soft muscle tissue, we offer massage therapy and medi cupping, which uses vacuum pressure to break apart muscle tension and scar tissue for cellular healing. Our chiropractor can relieve pain and inflammation gently with laser therapy, which relies on a low level laser beam to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in injured tissue.

We may apply kinesio tape in between chiropractic appointments. This athletic support tape helps hold your muscles, joints, and ligaments almost as if our chiropractor were holding them in place himself. Kinesio taping can make our adjustments more effective and support pain reduction in between treatments.

For some patients, we recommend orthotics to address foot and leg imbalances and abnormalities.

Finally, we offer nutrition advice. We can suggest lifestyle changes to make or supplements to introduce in support of your wellness. Nutrition plays an important role in your healing.

Why See a Chiropractor in Orlando & Celebration FL? 

There are many medical professionals. Why should you see a chiropractor as opposed to another wellness practitioner? First off, if you suffer musculoskeletal pain, you are best served by going to the musculoskeletal expert. That’s our chiropractors in Orlando. Your M.D. may be able diagnose whiplash after an auto accident, but your M.D. is not the most effective person to treat that injury. We are.

Chiropractic also helps athletes reduce performance issues and wear and tear that can lead to injury. Thus, many of our patients benefit from seeing us for preventative care. Our “whole person” approach further helps patients find their optimal health and wellness through better lifestyle habits.

Our treatments are holistic, drug-free, and conservative in nature. If you were told to try back surgery for a herniated disc, but want to explore conservative therapies first, we can help.

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