Dr. Jeremy S. Good, DC, BCN


Dr. Jeremy Good received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL in 2007. Prior to his studies at PCCF, Dr. Good received a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University.

In 2019 Dr. Good became board certified in Chronic Pain and Neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine.

Dr. Good is excited to be serving as Operations Director for the Orlando Resorts Spine and Body in Celebration, FL.

If you have any questions about our Celebration chiropractor or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Orlando Resorts Spine and Body, please call us at (407) 507-6976 today!

Dr. Luis Rosado

Clinic Director

Dr. Luis is a native of Puerto Rico and spent most of his childhood in the US Virgin Islands. Early in life he was involved in martial arts and various sports, which fostered an appreciation for fitness and hard work. Becoming a chiropractor was not his first choice, initially attending the University of Michigan to study aerospace engineering. However, as it turns out, Dr. Luis loves the inner workings of the human body more than the inner workings of an airplane.

After attending Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri, Dr. Luis continued his education and attained a master’s degree in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation. He completed an internship at the St. Louis Rams Training Academy, where he served as a speed and agility coach. After 7 years in private practice, Dr. Luis has worked with members of the US Special Forces and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA and NASCAR. Lessons learned from working with these individuals allows Dr. Luis to provide high quality chiropractic care to moms, dads, children, and weekend warriors alike.

Over the years Dr. Luis has continued to sharpen his manual therapy skills while adding innovative strategies in rehabilitation, dry needling, and functional medicine. He is an advocate for holistic living – taking intentional actions daily to live out the motto: Pray, Eat, Move. Alongside his beautiful wife, Sarah and two wonderful children, Sofia and Xavier, Dr. Luis cultivates meaningful relationships, enjoys great food, and discovering new adventures in the outdoors. He is always up for a good book recommendation and a new coffee shop to try.

Dr. Bret MacDermott, DC, DACS

Founding Partner

Dr. Bret MacDermott has been a Board Certified Diplomat for 36 years, mastering all major and modern techniques. He has been a contributing member of the Washington State Spinal Institute (a multi-discipline medial advanced research team comprised of Neurologists, Radiologists, Orthopaedics, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors). As a member of Shorewood Hospital, he sat on the board of quality control providing expertise to all fields of medicine in regards to chiropractic teamwork within the facility.

Dr. MacDermott has worked with celebrity sports players from the NFL, NBA, PGA, as well as actors from the American Actors Guild.

As an Expert Witness, Dr. MacDermott has been published in Legal and Chiropractic Journals sharing his knowledge in the area of soft tissue, whiplash injures. His medical expertise has been instrumental in case resolutions for the benefit of the patients.

Review the following:

Dr. Mac Dermott has performed on-site ergonomic studies for numerous corporations and provided them with motivation, practical presentations for optimal work and personal health opportunities.
As a Red Cross Volunteer, Dr. MacDermott and his wife Nadine are seen many nights arriving in the Red Cross first-response trucks to families in need. As Disaster Leaders for Osceola County, they have contributed to the Red Cross by opening and running shelters during major storms. Dr. MacDermott’s contributions can also be seen on local TV News Stations as part of the Red Cross documentaries to raise awareness for hurricane preparation.

In addition to his medical achievements, Dr. MacDermott is most proud of his family. As a man of faith, Dr. MacDermott believes deeply in family values and traditions. His entire family is dedicated to providing service to their community through their steadfast devotion to the Lord.

Proud Member Of:

  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • WSCA
  • American Red Cross
  • Washington State Spinal Institute

Dr. MacDermott’s compassion and zest for life is passed on to his clients through his sincere caring and attention. He is devoted to being a physician who listens, cares, and is committed to results. We are a Travellers Aid! Affordable, Available, and Dependable.