Spinal Adjustments at Orlando Resorts Spine and Body

Spinal adjustments are the cornerstone of chiropractic treatment, which in turn is a central aspect of modern conservative and holistic healing practices. Since even a minor shift in your normal spinal balance can lead to nerve dysfunction, muscular strain and a wide variety of other life-limiting disorders, it only makes sense that correcting that shift can undo the imbalance, relieve the troubling symptoms and allow your body to implement its own own natural healing processes. Our chiropractor here at Orlando Resorts Spine and Body can help you discover the power of this remarkable health and wellness tool.

A surprising number of health issues can have their origins in a phenomenon known as spinal subluxation. A subluxation is a dislocation between two physical structures — and the human spinal column contains a great many structures, including 24 vertebrae cushioned by intervertebral discs and connected/articulated by facet joints. If this “support tower” is off-balance at any point, your soft tissues and weight-bearing joints will suffer from unnatural stresses that can lead to injury, chronic back pain and other problems. To make matters worse, the vertebrae and discs sit in close proximity to sensitive nerve roots and the spinal cord itself. A subluxation that pushes these components against the nerve tissue may cause faulty nerve signaling, producing pain, tingling, loss of sensation or loss of motor control through various parts of the body. an impaired nervous system can also contribute to many kinds of systemic disorders, from reproductive problems to a weak immune system.

Spinal adjustments from our Celebration FL chiropractor restore your musculoskeletal balance safely, effectively and non-surgically. Precisely-targeted application of just the right amount of force, amplitude, and velocity to a subluxated joint can help the components of the joint fall back into their optimal alignment. This can take pressure away from nerve tissue and relieve such diverse issues as neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica and any disease influenced by such an underlying nerve dysfunction. Many patients who might otherwise submit to major back surgery or other risky procedures have found the answers to their health problems through this form of conservative care,

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Before we can perform any kind of treatment, our Celebration FL chiropractor must diagnose your condition accurately. This may require spinal screenings and other evaluations, including discussion of your symptoms and medical history. You may sit on our treatment table for your adjustment, or you may lie on your stomach, side or back. If you hear a cracking or popping noise, don’t be alarmed. This is a totally harmless result caused by the release of trapped gases from within the joint. You may enjoy dramatic relief from your symptoms after just one session, but in most cases it makes multiple spinal adjustments to reinforce your body’s “new” alignment.

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