What To Expect From Our Celebration Chiropractors

Orlando Resorts Spine and Body services patients in Celebration, Kissimee, Orlando, and the surrounding communities. Experience chiropractic care in a zen-like atmosphere that is totally relaxing. Our medi spa uses natural healing techniques like spinal adjustments to treat a wide array of injuries, such as herniated disc, sciatica, whiplash and other spinal conditions. Prior to treatment, a full examination is done, including neurological, orthopedic and X-rays. Once we’ve identified the underlying cause of your pain, we create an individualized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. With gentle spinal manipulations, we realign the spinal components to its proper position. This helps alleviate pain in the lumbar and cervical areas along with increasing range of motion and daily function.

Chiropractic Services In Celebration, Kissimmee, and Orlando

Turn to Orlando Resorts Spine and Body for complementary chiropractic services that enhance spinal adjustments and healing. Adjunct services include cold laser therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and medi cupping. Each therapeutic treatment modality works synergistically for optimal results.

Cold laser therapy is highly effective for soft tissue injuries. Specific wavelengths of light are targeted on the affected area, and its energy penetrates deep and helps accelerate the healing process on a cellular level. It also helps reduce chronic pain and swelling. Massage therapy is the ideal adjunct treatment to spinal adjustments. Prior to a spinal adjustment, it helps prepare the muscles to accept the adjustment. Plus, it increases blood flow and oxygen for quicker healing, reduces muscle spasms, and boosts the immune system. Medi cupping is a unique treatment method that also accelerates healing. Its suction cups are placed on the skin, and its suction action increases blood flow. With nutritional counseling, patients can learn all about vitamins, supplements, and healthy food choices to enhance and maintain good health.

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If you’re in pain due to a sports injury, car accident, workplace accident, or spinal medical condition like arthritis, turn to Orlando Resorts Spine and Body for a non-invasive, effective treatment plan. We’ve helped hundreds of patients and can help you too. Call us at (407) 507-6976 to schedule an appointment for a one-on-one consultation and get on the road to recovery. Wellness begins at Orlando Resorts Spine and Body.