What is a Medi Spa?

A Medi Spa is a facility where you can get healthcare, such as chiropractic care, in a spa-like setting instead of a cold, clinical setting. If you are looking for a place to relax while also improving your health, a Medi Spa may be the ideal place for you. At Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medi Spa, our Celebration chiropractor will provide you with comprehensive chiropractic care in a spa-like environment, helping you discover health and wellness while also relaxing a bit.

Our Medi Spa is led by Dr. Bret MacDermott, board certified chiropractor who has 36 years of experience in the field. As a contributing member of the Washington State Spinal Institute, he is considered a true expert in spinal care. In addition to his many qualifications, Dr. MacDermott believes in keeping patients comfortable, and that is why he prefers working in a Medi Spa environment.

Services Available at Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medi Spa in Celebration

For patients in the Celebration and Kissimmee areas, our Medi Spa offers a comprehensive list of chiropractic care. Our services start with comprehensive spinal care from our chiropractor, who will work to put your spine into alignment to support proper nervous system function and better overall wellness.

In addition, Dr. MacDermott is trained in kineseo taping to help reduce muscular pain further. For some patients, low-level laser therapy can help support the results achieved through spinal adjustments. Combined, these services enhance overall wellness and help reduce pain.

Finally, Dr. MacDermott will provide nutritional education and advice about supplements that can support your healthcare goals. You will leave with information about home-care you can do to support everything that was done in the office.

If you are ready to take control of your spinal health, but want a more comfortable environment, contact Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medi Spa today. We look forward to helping you embrace wellness.

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