Dr. Dishman

Dr. Dishman is a native Floridian and has lived throughout the state for the majority of his life. He was born in Tampa and raised on the East coast of the state. After graduating high school he had narrowed his college choices to Ohio State University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, West Point ( his grandfather’s alma mater) and the University of Florida. After a tough decision, he chose to stay in the state he loved and become a Gator.

Dr. Dishman knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a physician. He enrolled at the University of Florida with the intention of becoming a surgeon. While he was finishing his Bachelor’s degree and pre-Med work, he was obtaining more information on different specialties and discovered chiropractic. He was immediately drawn to this natural form of health care and the relationship he saw between the physician and patient. Chiropractic physicians seemed to have a closer relationship with their patients he noticed. Being a people person, he loved it! The idea of helping people heal from the inside without drugs or surgery seemed to ignite a new passion. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree he went on to continue his education in Marietta, Georgia at Life University. He received his Doctorate in 2001 and has been in active practice since that time.

With a passion for helping people in the most natural and least invasive ways possible, Dr. Dishman is devoted to caring for his patients and keeping their nervous system functioning at a homeostatic level. He has continued his postgraduate training in nutrition and assisting with the recovery of acute injuries. He has had the pleasure of working with all kinds of athletes from the NFL, MLB to marathoners and ironman athletes. Assisting his patients not only from a structural standpoint but also with proper wellness education and lifestyle choices. Dr Dishman believes strongly that patients have to be a participant in their recovery and he discusses ergonomics, nutrition and home exercise/stretching programs with his patients.

Dr. Dishman and his wonderful wife, Stephanie, moved to Celebration in 2014 to get closer to the family as their son Miles was ready to start school. When he is not working, Dr Dishman enjoys time with his family, running and playing outdoors in the water and sunshine. He is actively involved with his church and loves to help out his community.

Dr. Jessica Rodriquez

Dr. Jessica grew up in Puerto Rico, where a big part of the Hispanic culture is music and dancing. Since she was little she shared her passion for dancing with her mother. Later, her mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so she started to worry about how her bones might restrict her from dancing and enjoying her passion. With this in mind, Jessica worked hard to receive a bachelor’s degree majoring in biomedical science. As a Hispanic, she believes helping one another is in her nature, and being able to improve someone’s life by doing something she cares about shaped her career decision to study at Palmer College of Chiropractic. As she received her Doctor in Chiropractic degree, Jessica focuses on helping people learn the importance of the chiropractic adjustment together with manual therapy and exercise for symptoms such as low back, neck pain, headaches and much more.