Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

What is Laser Therapy?

At Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa, our Celebration chiropractor, Dr. Bret MacDermott, provides physiotherapies designed to complement your healing from injuries and illnesses. One such therapy we offer is cold laser therapy. Learn why we may recommend this treatment and how it can help you.

What is Laser Therapy for Pain Management in Celebration

In cold laser therapy, we use a special laser beam that is capable of traveling beneath the skin to heal injuries in muscle tissue itself. This treatment is gentle enough that you will feel no pain when we use the laser, yet effective at promoting cellular repair, relieving inflammation, and restoring range of motion after injury.

Treatments take place in our office and last just a few minutes. We may combine cold laser therapy with other physiotherapies or with chiropractic care, depending on the extent of your injuries and our pain treatment plan. This rehabilitation method takes time, so we usually recommend a series of sessions.

We often recommend cold laser therapy treatment for patients who suffered injuries at work, in an auto accident, while playing sports, or at home. This treatment is also effective at providing pain relief for overuse injuries, muscle sprains, and more.

How Laser Therapy Provides Pain Management in Celebration

When performing laser therapy in Celebration the process starts when the light penetrates your skin and is absorbed by muscle cells. Now the cells can begin healing. The laser beam does not get hot or make any noise, so treatments are comfortable and relaxing.

You will know the treatment is working when your inflammation and pain lessen as a result of the increased circulation caused by the laser beam. Damage will naturally repair itself once your body activates its natural healing system. The laser also boosts your metabolic rate, so your injury can heal faster.

If you seek a non-invasive and drug-free option for pain relief, cold laser therapy can help.

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