Headaches and Migraines: What’s the Difference?

If you are in the midst of dealing with pounding pain and pressure, it’s hard to differentiate between a bad headache and a migraine. This distinction, however, can help you treat your pain more easily and effectively.

Dr. Bret MacDermott, of Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa, in Celebration, Florida, urges his patients to consider a migraine and headache relief through chiropractic care.

Types of Headaches

The most common types of headaches are tension headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches. Rarely, they may indicate a birth defect in the skull, aneurysm or stroke.

How Migraines Differ from Headaches

Chronic migraines tend to be more intense than headaches, last longer and have other symptoms that co-occur along with the pain. People who experience migraines may feel nauseous or vomit. They can have neurological symptoms, which may include flashing lights or vision spots, temporary vision loss, tingling and numbness, confusion and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Headaches vs. Migraines

If you have a mild, dull pressure in your head with no neurological symptoms, you are probably experiencing a standard headache. If you have intense, pulsating pain, on one side of your head, combined with symptoms of aura, you probably have a migraine.

Common Headache and Migraine Triggers

Headaches can happen due to anxiety or tension in the body, as well as from pressure in the head due to infection. Migraine triggers may include hormonal changes, dietary choices, and medications.

How Chiropractic Care in Medispa Helps Manage Headaches and Migraine Pain

Besides taking over-the-counter medications, you should also consider contacting your local Orlando chiropractor, Dr. Bret MacDermott, of Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa, for your headache treatment and migraine relief.

During your treatment with our Celebration chiropractor, he may perform spinal manipulations and adjustments to alleviate any underlying stress on your system, as well as offer nutritional advice and educate you on exercise and relaxation techniques you can do at home.

If you are looking for a quality chiropractor in Orlando, call our Celebration, Florida office at 407-507-6976 today.

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